Plants we have manufactured

Para Cresol Purification Plant - This is a Single Column continuous Distillation Plant used for the purification of Para Cresol from a mixture of Phenol, Ortho Cresol, Meta Cresol and Para Cresol. Para Cresol comes out as a bottom product and Phenol and Ortho Cresol are removed as stop products. In product, the content of Para Cresol in 96.5 percent and balance is Meta Cresol. This is achieved in a single run, using structured packing - Mallapak, proucred by us from M/s. Sulzer Brothers, Switzerland.

In addition to the main plants, we had also supplied a Flash Column down stream of the main plant. Para Cresol, being the bottom product, comes out as a coloured liquid and to enhance its appearance, it has passed through a Flash Column which retains the tarry material in a still and colourless Para Cresol is condensed and removed from the top.

Mea (Mono ethyl aniline) Purification Plant This is a single column continuous Distillation Plant for the separation of Mono-Ethyl Aniline (MEA) and Di-ethyl Aniline from a stream consisting of the above three products.

Butadiene Storage and Handling Facility - This is a Terminal constructed at the Port City of Kandla for handling and storing imported Butadiene which comes to Kandla Port by Cargo ships. Our scope of works consists of laying of an 8" NB Carbon Steel Cross Country Pipe Line, starting from the Jetty till the Terminal & Construction of the Terminal comprising Horton Spheres having Butadiene storing capacity of 500 MT, complete in-plant piping with refrigeration system, Tanker Loading station, complete instrumentation & utility services (Cooling Water System, Instrument Air System, Fire Fighting System (comprising of Hydrant System and Medium Velocity Spray System) and Nitrogen Manifolds etc) AND Commissioning.

Tri methyle Phosphite Plant Supplied to CIBA - Geigy - Goa.

Civil Structures

Gail - Vijaypur

Gail - Vijaypur -
Composite works for Gas Pipe Lines which includes

  • Civil
  • Structural
  • Piping
  • Electrical
  • Instrumentation
  • Erection
  • Alignment & commissioning of gas turbines


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